Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 15
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Tatara is the elder brother of Sarasa . At the beginning of the manga, Tatara was prophesied as the "child of destiny", but it was later revealed that Sarasa was the true bearer of the prophecy. Tatara was beheaded by General Kazan on the Red King's orders at the beginning of the manga, which led to Sarasa pretending to be Tatara in order to restore hope for her village.


Tatara has shoulder length hair, with a bandana tied to the side of his head. Since he is twins with Sarasa, they both have very similar features,including brownish yellow eyes and light brown hair. Tatara is of slight build and is taller than Sarasa.


Due to his early death, little of his personality was revealed, but it was apparent that he cared deeply for his sister Sarasa. This is proven by his willingness to pretend to be the "child of destiny" in order to protect his sister from the Red King. Tatara was implied to be a wise leader, as Sarasa would often ask herself what Tatara would do when she was unsure on how to handle a situation.


On the day Tatara was born, the town's prophet, Nagi, prophesied his twin sister, Sarasa, to be the "child of destiny" that would lead the country to freedom.  In order to protect her, their parents agreed to raise the twins as if Tatara was the prophesied child.  This put appeared to put a strain on the siblings' relationship, as Sarasa often felt she was unwanted when compared to the Tatara.  On their tweflth birthday, Tatara was given possesion of the guardian sword Byakko, as recoginition as his entering adulthood.  When their father struck Sarasa for trying to touch the sword, Tatara watched sadly as she ran away. The Red King's troops then came through the village and demanded the villagers hand over Tatara and their weapons.  In order to save Tatara, Sarasa's friend Ma-kun, called himself Tatara and was swiftly killed by the soldiers.  When Tatara expressed guilt