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First Age: 17
Second Wife: Sarasa
Third Unknown
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Red King ShuriEdit

Shuri is the main antagonist for the first half of the manga, Basara. At first he was against Tatara and tried to kill him, but after it was revealed that Sarasa was actually Tatara, Shuri fought alongside her to bring down the emperor. At the end of the manga, Shuri and Sarasa are finally together living happily with their two kids.


Shuri is a tall, lean 17 year old boy with black hair and yellow eyes. Near the end of the manga, Shuri loses one of his arms in the fight against his sensei, Hiragi.


He's an ongoing person with ambition who knows what he wants and will take it .He is sometimes cruel but softens when he sees Sarasa. He doesn't like Tatara


He was sold to slavery by his dad And given a slavery mark by his dad who believed he was cursed.He was sent to the desert where he established his kingdom.