Sarasa is the leader of an unnamed group fighting the Japan emperor to liberate the country under the name of Tatara. She is actually the twin sister of the real Tatara, who was thought to be the "Child of Destiny".


Sarasa is a 15-year-old girl with long blonde hair.


Sarasa hates war and seeing people die. She sometimes become very intimidating especially when it comes to giving orders on how to fight the Red King . She doesn't know it but she have an air around her that makes people want to be beside her


Sarasa is the twin sister of the real Tatara, who is said to be the "Child of Destiny". Since her brother is the child of destiny Sarasa often feel that she's just an unnecessary baggage. When his brother was having his coming of age ceremony Sarasa tried to touch the Sword of Byakko but was slapped by his father. She ran away and when Kakuji tried to reach out to her she fell in front of the Red King's horse, that was their first meeting. The Red King ordered for them to be killed but Kakuji protected her and was slashed at his back. Then Ageha came and stop the Red King saying that it will ruin his reputation.

When Sarasa came back to the village she found out that the Red King and his men came to kill Tatara but instead his childhood friend Makoto pretended to be Tatara and was killed.

Three years later the Red King and his army returned to the Byakko Village to find the real Tatara. Tatara was captured and beheaded. The Red King's army then burned the village, Tatara's father was killed trying to plead for the villagers life to be spared.

Sarasa saw the villagers face giving up hope since the child of destiny was killed. Sarasa then remembered her brother telling her that when he's gone she should take care of the villagers and their parents, she cut her hair and told everyone that she was Tatara and the one killed was Sasara.