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Ageha, otherwise known by his stage name Kicho, is a former slave and survivor of the nomadic Blue Nobles who were wiped out by the tyrannical government before the start of the main story. Usually seen wandering through Japan with his faithful owl, Kagero, searching for the woman he was prophesized to give up his life for, he is extremely influential, able to call up 1000 cattle at a moments notice.

Throughout the story, Ageha has protected the main protagonist, Sarasa's life several times, for example, losing his left eye to protect her from Shuri, the Red King, or giving up his body in return for the safety of her's. As the story progresses Ageha realizes that Sarasa is the woman he will give up his life for and eventually, dies to protect her from the Emperor's collapsing palace.

He was a slave of Shido's family and his father used his body. Shido was the ally of the Red King. He warned Shido that he would be killed by Tatara and later he did. Senju, the wife of Shido was saved by Ageha during her pregnancy when the red king palace was attacked by his own army. he was seen crying for Shido later.

He was a kind hearted man. Once, after Shido's death, while travelling, he saw Shido's father asking people about his son and seemed senile. He not remembering Ageha, asked for his son. Ageha sat down beside him and said that you'll soon get a grandson. The old man cried. while sitting there, he pee's. Ageha cleans him and supports him as the old man is mentally disable. Old man's wife who is Shido's mother comes there and takes his husbandin and asks Ageha if she has seen him before. He clearly refuses. And sees Shuri (red king) standing as he looks at Shido's parents leave. Ageha thinks that he could kill Shuri right there as he seems so defenseless and vulnerable. In his heart, he asks Shuri "you loved him too, didn't you?" i.e Shido.

After his death, his soul is seen by Sarasa as she is relieved that he is safe, thinking that he is alive. She says that she is indebted by him and he says that all the debts have been paid and there is none left. after that when Sarasa sees his dead body, she bursts into crying. After that deceased Ageha along with his dead owl Kageru, visits Senju to see the son of Shido. After that he disappears.


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